NetAdmins should be allowed to shoot people!

After a quick four hours sleep, (7-11am) im back in work, being efficient as f**k if i say so myself!
Untill now….

Mike’s E-mails continue to fail when sending attachments to certain people, mainly mac users. Sooo confused, and some (equally random e-mails) dont send at all..

Of course the user affected is being perfectly reasonable about it and understanding that a problem like this takes some time to work out… and that it could end up being any number of things… A complete arse about it, shouting and screaming sarcastic comments about how the server is shit, and needs to go back, and how the support people are crap (while there on the phone, working 2 hours past the time they were meant to finish… just to help me) GOD DAMN! Telling them to go soddomise themselfs with retractable battons just dosn’t have the same calming effect anymore. It is this strand of lUsers that need a good beating with a 2 by 4.

So, there goes my night, am going to end up spending it grepping through mail server logs :S

Anyway, quick shout out to Mark at linuxit. Fantastic support guy and knows his shit.


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