Back at uni!

Just an update, moved all my stuff back to uni friday night, was meant to be heading home for a few hours and some last bits on saturday morning, but was up late unpacking / setting up all my techie crap, and slept through the day!

JoeJoe Appeared on the irwell around 5 and we headed to the pav for a few pints with sam. Pav’s got some really good drinks deals on at the mo (cheaper drinking is NEVER bad!)

Then headed back to Sam’s for some beers, ended up setting up his new box with linux, supplying NAT Routing, DHCP, multiple samba shares to act as a NAS for his data (copying data took HOURS!! Hdd’s suck!) AND a routed VPN (using openvpn to my room for File access between our houses NAS servers. All nicely scripted so the settings survive over reboots
Its now 8.30am on Sunday, been up all night, sorting out samba permissions.. and moving large files! Learnt a few new things about samba options, and daemonising openVPN.. Tis all good!

Anyway, gonna catch some zzz’s now! Later


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