Beams of light!

Database’s exam didn’t go as badly as i thought. Hoping ive passed it..

Connypoo’s and joejoe came back to the house after the exam.. So we all went down the pav, had a few drinks and a catchup. Simpson met us at the pav, then we went back to ours for a few more beers. Ended up staying up all night just chilling with Joe, watching house, scrubs and numb3rs. (just started watching numb3rs, tis good.. have a look. Anyone on our NET its on the NAS at

Also wanted to buy a paintball gun, a decent one, Worked out EXACTLY what I wanted, and because of the great exchange rate with the US at the moment, managed to get everything for under 200 quid.
Then my dream was brutally taken from me… by the greedy sods at UPS!.. would have cost 260 Dollars to ship it!! nearly as much as the paint ball gun itself, and buying the same stuff in the UK is just as expensive as us prices + stupid delivery.

Ahh well, Maybe some other time.

Headed home today, met up with hana then crashed at home for a few hours (mmm home cooking!) Back at uni now.. and when I was home, I realized MY GREEN LASER HAS ARRIVED!.. packaging has never been ripped open so quickly (tho it was from china, so I may now have sars)

It’s pretty powerful, can see the beam!!

(maybe put pic’s up soon)


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