No more exams

Woo, exams are finished. Life is good, cash is good, work is good (but more about that in a bit!)

Got my speakers replaced from richersounds 🙂 (didnt argue at all, just gave me a new pair) Which are both sounding much much tastier, and came with the correct stands and spikes, so thats tightened the bass up.
Sitting here typing this, totally immersed in tasty audio!

Anyway, yesh, last exam this morning (Data structures) went ok I think, not as well as the other ones, but it was mainly java so shouldnt have done too badly i hope.

Went into work to sort a few things out, now just back chilling on the irwell!

As for work.. Well that went damn well too! Had a meeting about the companies IT roadmap.. and they have decided we need an IT helpdesk type person to handle the little user problems side of things.. Which is FECKING GREAT!! as I can concentrate on what I’m meant to be doing instead of piddling about with little user problems 🙂

Also, a new works phone contract and laptop may well be in the dealio!

Got my SUN interview coming up on the 24th, so need to get the old suit out, and book some travel. Then just got my java project to finish and were good to head into the next semester.

P.S. I want a paint ball gun.


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