Ye olde London town

Hey, It’s quater past 10pm, Im sat in bed in a B+B close to where I need to be for my sun interview (tomorrow at 2pm) came down on the train, arrived at 7.30.
Purchased myself a new suit for the occasion, and had a haircut 😛

Hoping everything goes OK tomorrow, But at the moment it’s not causing any nervous-ness.. They asked me to research into the SUN Ray thin desktop client in preparation for my interview, And its quite impressive, Tiny power consumption, more secure, easier to manage, and MUCH more user friendly than any other thin solutions I’ve seen before.

In other news, Work has decided to hire the new IT guy already, which is fine, however, looking at his CV, he’s pretty overqualified for the job we want him to do.. *shall be guarding my servers closely.. Especially since i’m not in the office much at all* .. Work better not try and screw me over after all the work and weeks worth of off the clock research and dedication i’ve put into building a reliable network over the years…

Anyway, Will let you know how everything goes after the interview.


*PS. Moved to windows 2003 Enterprise as the OS on my main desktop, may move back to linux, just fancied a bit of a change, gonna try 64Bit Vista before I do though. All my data is stored on my NAS, and so changing OS’es on my main rig is nothing to worry about 😉

Oh, and the Laptop and company phone still haven’t become a reality… Ahh well, same old work… And I was actually expecting things to go smoothly after that meeting 🙁

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