Uni work, work work, and flat tyres

Hihi Again,

It’s Sunday, And I’m Codeing looots of java, and probably will be untill the early hours of monday morning.. (uni work deadline tomorrow).
Other than that, Our new guy started in IT on thursday, and so I was in on Thursday and Friday to show him around;
Seems like a decent guy, and definatley knows his stuff, so all in all im happy with it, should releave a lot of IT related load off me, allowing me to cencentrate on server and network development. Still need to set him proper permissions up and deligate the parts of the AD tree I want him to use… But all in time.

Went home for a family birthday last night, Had a few beers and crashed at mine. Woke up this morning, ready to drive back to uni, to find a flat tyre 😛 (biig screw was the culprit) luckily the spare was in good nick and its got me back to uni after stopping for air and petrol.

Still have not heard from SUN, were meant to be calling me on Friday evening.. Hopefully i’ll hear something tomorrow *fingers crossed*

Anyway, back to the java!


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