RHCE Certification


Hello hello,
Long time since my last real post, but things have been busy.
Coming to my last few weeks at Sun now and hoping that I can continue my employment with them while at university next year through the campus ambassador scheme.

In more current news, for my final training course with Sun, I was allowed to take the fasttrack red hat certified engineer course (RH300) which was taking place on King William St. in London (Between monument and bank tube stations)

The week was very fast paced, offering more of a quick overview of things we should already know and a brief recap of the more advanced topics rather than an in depth course. This was understandable, as we had to cram everything from redhat network installs, user management, to advanced services and security into four days and on the fifth, we sat the 5 1/2 hr practical RHCE exam.

Commuting was tiring, I was up at 6.00am to get the train for 7 into waterloo, then the tube to bank (or to Westminster then the district line to monument). Strange as it seems I actually enjoyed getting up early and heading into London, it’s just an excellent atmosphere to work in, much more going on than where I usually am.

Met some cool people on the course, all from businesses around the city so it was good to find out what kind of jobs are available and what skill sets are actually in use / in demand (It seems RHCE is right up there).

On the Wednesday night a few of us (including our instructor Joe) went for a pint or six after the course which was a nice break from the constant routine of the rest of the week, a really good night seemed to be had by all and some damn good london pride was consumed (We actually drank them out of the stuff, and moved on to deuchars IPA which was quite nice)

The exam was intense to say the least, Five and a half hours in total. I can’t say much about the exam itself as we had to sign an NDA before taking the exam. I can now see why it is such a highly regarded cert.

The good news, I passed! Got my results e-mailed to me last night at 12.30AM (Marked over in America) and so I am now a verified RHCE:


Overall, an excellent week, I have learn’t a lot, had fun, met some cool people and really enjoyed working in the center of London.

Good luck to all those who are going to retake the exam, and well done to those who passed πŸ™‚


Website Downtime

Hello there!

Some interesting news, this website is being dDoS’d by some internet tosspot somewhere and has been up and down like a yoyo for the past few days. As it is not a continuous attack, it is a little harder to track and work out an exact pattern/root cause, that we could thenΒ  use to work at trying to reduce the affect on the website.

Mail services are also down/slow due to the load averages on the server during an attack (Great excuse if I have not got round to replying to anyones e-mails :P)

In the meantime, A read only copy of the website will be appearing at www3.matt-j.co.uk.

When this is sorted, I may get round to a real post πŸ˜›

Ps, I’ma get you!