Lacking Something?.. It’s always customer service.

n So, it turns out i’m one of the lucky 46,524 ElReg (The Register) readers who has had their e-mail address spammed to a few thousand people… who have in turn, kindly placed it on PasteBin, random torrent sites, many forums, the side of the moon with a laser and other such annoying places!

And yet, i’m not that annoyed!

Here’s why… and I think in this day and age of everyone worrying about every bit of data, it’s important;

1. I’m called Matt and my blog is at Is it really that hard for a targeted phishing attack to work out an e-mail address in the first place?

2. It’s the register, a website that takes pride in highlighting technical cockups, basterdisations, IT Fo Pah’s and Comical! Yahoo! Related! Exclamation! Mark! Frenzy! Issues! before they’ve even sat down for the morning caffeine…. So no matter how annoyed we are all individually feeling, I’m pretty sure as an organization they’ll be feeling ten times worse for being beaten at their own game.

3. Did I mention it’s the register? I’m finding it quite hard (Maybe a psychologist wants to tell me why) to get annoyed with such an instutution within the industry, somewhere that generally gives you a good morning roundup of crap you need to concern your little head with.

But mainly because (and this is the important bit I was talking about at the beginning, the rest was just to test your stamina and determination!)…
They owned up, instantly, in an e-mail to everyone affected, disclosing figures that are far too un-rounded to be made up!

Yes, I think that’s it… Look at the recent Blackberry incident, it wasn’t that the service was down, it was that no-one from blackberry would give any of the circling vultures a single word for hours, even as speculation grew, nothing, twitter messages a-plenty… nothing! THAT’S the problem.

So ElReg, as much as you’ve amassed a million cocks to put yourself (and my e-mail address) in such a bastardy situation, it’s not going to stop me reading your news in a morning, fair play for making a hard decision.

And everyone else, I don’t claim to know much about business, but if you’re sucking at an all time low when competitors around you selling exactly the same service/product/moon etching laser are doing well, you may want to look at becoming more open and transparent with your customers.

Just my 10p, keep the change!